Six foot seven of pure funny, Rob Mulholland is a bombastic, mischievous gag-slinging rascal with a heart full of humour and gob full of shite. An established, bullet-proof comedy Pro forged in the fires of the nothern comedy circuit who now travels the world packing big belly laughs. A regular at all the biggest comedy clubs in the UK; whether going for the kill with his playful filth-mongering and hilarious, furious tirades against minor annoyances or holding a night together with his genial but sharp hosting skills, he can adapt to any kind of crowd and event.

Host of hit podcast "Rob Mulholland Has An Opinion"

Writer for Mock The Week

As seen on BBC iPlayer's Comedian Rap Battles

"Popular Comedian Rob Mulholland" available now on Nextup

English Comedian of the Year joint winner

Beat The Frog World Series Winner

Hilarity Bites New Act of the Year Winner

Funhouse Comedy Champion of Champions

SA Search For A Star Winner

Leicester Mercury New Comedian 3rd place

Great yorkshire fringe comedian of the year runner up

"Mulholland's language and content may be a tad startling to some, but don't be fooled into assuming that he's some one-dimensional shock-comic looking to offend for notoriety's sake. His material is clever, layered and acutely observed."

"Hilarious, fearless stand-up" Broadway Baby

"He's mastered the art of exaggerated anger...if you like your comedians pissed off, Mulholland's your man" Chortle

"Nasty, offensive and dangerous" National Student




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